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“Pilio Ice cream” is a family business, with a long history in the field. Our love for ice cream, the experience we have acquired over the years and the traditional recipes we use, are the main reasons of success. The last decade, the great demand in our products, has resulted in the increasement of our production capacity, both in the field of workforce and in the field of facilities. Living and acting in the present while reminiscing tradition and experiences, we are constantly seeking for new trends that will offer you a culinary journey through time, where the past and future coexist in the present.


Our development activity is associated with innovative products that are presented each year. The objective is the unending evolution, the creation of new products, and the satisfaction of our vision, which includes the enlargement of our company. Pagotinia is the innovative product that made us a leader company in the market. Since then we keep growing, by presenting continuous increasement in operations circle, in commercial spot and in competitiveness. Our goal is to keep expanding and in the same time to maintain in high levels the quality of our services and the confidence of our customers.

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Our new modern facilities with art technological equipment have been situated since 2006, in the 1st Industrial Area of Volos, covering a total area of 4000m², of which 1700m² are covered by deep freezing chambers. It was a significant investment for us, to create the most suitable facilities that meet the international quality assurance standards and safety systems, during working and production process. Nowadays, a new extension of the factory is launched, in an area of 1000m², as an effort to improve our production ability, following the same standard policy in the field of quality assurance and hygiene rules at all stages of production and distribution of our products. Therefore we faithfully apply the Greek and European legislation, according to the rules ISO (ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 22000: 2005) BRS and IFS.