Since 1945


Establishment of the Company in Volos, by Stelios Peponopoulos. In cooperation with the dairy Company EVOL, S. Peponopoulos produces ice creams and when the EVOL decides to stop participating, Stelios Peponopoulos remains as the only ice cream producer in the region of Volos.


The first standardization of products takes place. The product that was first packaged in a paper bag, was the ice cream stick.

Stick ice cream

About law


The legal form of the company changes to S. Peponopoulos & Co., as the company is moving into a new era, with the standardized ice cream. The three sons of S. Peponopoulos, become part of the manpower of the Company, which is now located in Neapoli of Volos, with advanced technology, and the ability to produce more than 45 types of ice cream, all standardized and guaranteed from “Pilio” Company.


An innovative product -“Pagotinia”- is introduced to the market. You can find them in different shapes and flavors, mostly in sticks and cones.

About mini icecream

About industry


The Company enters to a new era, which confirms the success of previous years. The new location of the company is now in VIOPA in Volos (1st Industrial Area), in a total area of 2000m², in new, high-tech production facilities. Furthermore, the legal form of the company now changes into PEPONOPOULOS S.A.


A further expansion of the company is taking place, in a total area of 1700 square meters, covered with 4 purely ultramodern deep freeze chambers, in order to ensure the safety and hygiene rules during the production process.

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2011 is a very important year, as the company rebels again, by introducing a new product category in the field of ice cream. The marriage of syrup desserts with ice cream is here! First we create saragli and we continue with similar products that earn consumers’ preference.


2015 is a considerable milestone in the history of the company as Pilio Ice Cream continues to expand by building another 1000m² of high-tech facilities.